Domicile/Residence Certificate

Introduction :
A Domicile/Residence Certificate is issued to prove that the person bearing the Certificate is a Domicile/Resident of the State/UT by which the Certificate is being issued.
This certificate is issued to those who prove that they have been continuously staying in Maharashtra State for a period of 15 years.

The Certificate is essential for following purposes -
For getting preference in admission to Medical, Pharmacy & Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra
For obtaining Driving Badge from Regional Transport Authorities
For obtaining Flat/Plots from Government Quota

Under What Act/Rules/Govt. orders the Certificate is issued :
Education purpose :
Govt. of Maha. Revenue & Forest Dept. No.MSC-1083/8161/CR-63/M-5 dt.27.5.1983.

Taxi Badge
Govt.of Maharashtra. Home Deptt. Notification No.MVA-0289/613/TRA-2 dated 31 October 1991.
Letter No.RTO/M/(M) from Regional Transport Officer, Mumbai (Central), Public Badge/1991/O. Sr.No. 8494 dated 11.12.1991.

MHADA flats/Plots
Govt. of Maha. Housing and Special Assistance Deptt. No.Allot/1089/5397/Desk-4 dt.22.9.1989.
Govt. of Maha. Housing and Special Assistance Deptt. Govt. Circular No.Hsg/1190/(9)/D-19 dated 11. April 1991.

Whom to apply :
Collector of Mumbai, Old Custom House, Fort, Mumbai - 400001, Ground floor, Single Window.

How to apply :
Application to be made in the prescribed form Affix Court Fee Stamp of Rs.5/- on the application

What documents to attach :
Certified copies of the following documents are required to be attached along with application:
Any proof showing 15 years stay (i.e. ration card, rent receipt, electric bill etc.)
Attested xerox copy of first and last page of ration card
Affidavit duly affirmed on stamp paper of Rs.20/-.
For Medical, Pharmacy & Engineering Colleges admission School Leaving Certificate or HSC Exam Hall ticket
For Taxi badge from RTO driving licence and domicile Certificate.
For MHADA Flats/Plots certificied copy of allotment letter

Where to submit the Application -
Single window, Ground floor, Old Custom House

Time limit within which the certificate will be delivered - 7 days

Complaint Redressal authority - Collector office Mumbai City

Application form will be available at Old custom house


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