Date of commencement of exam April 2010

   Exam                                                         Date of commencement of exam

    TYBCom                                                       01st April 2010
    TYBA                                                            05th April 2010
    TYBSc Computer Sci                                    12th April 2010
    TYBSc IT Sem 5                                           26th April 2010
    TYBSc IT Sem 6                                           19th April 2010
    MSc Maths,IT Comp Sci Part 1                     19th April 2010
    MA(Edu( Part 1/2, MCom I                           19th April 2010
    MCom, MSc Maths, IT Computer Sc Part 3  20th April 2010
    TYBSc Nautical Technology                           31st May 2010
    PG DFM and PG DORM - 1                         3rd May 2010
    PG DFM and PG DORM - 2                         4th May 2010

FYBCom, SYBCom, FYBA, SYBA exam dates are yet to be announed

Exam time tables will be announced 7days before exam
Hall tickets will be distributed 5days before exam


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